Webinar on Women and COVID

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The Department of Gender and Sexualities of the University of Malta is organising a free webinar on Women and COVID. The main objective of this webinar is to bring together researchers located in different countries to discuss how COVID has affected women (Jul 13, 2020 03:15 PM).

The aim of this discussion is to delineate the impact the first wave has had on women’s lives, and the issues we would like our respective governments and supranational entities such as the EU, Council of Europe and United Nations to tackle in the immediate future.

Prof Louise Morley, Professor of Higher Education, Centre for Higher Education and Equity Research (CHEER), University of Sussex, UK, on Which inequalities have surfaced/ been reinforced by the pandemic crisis?
Dr Angelika Sjöstedt, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Mid Sweden University, on Women, COVID-19 and employment.
Dr Fiona Buckley, Department of Government and Politics, University College Cork Women, on COVID-19 and public life.
Dr Iris Luarasi, 1st Vice President, GREVIO, Council of Europe, on COVID-19 and gender-based violence against women.
Dr Antonella Berry-Brincat, Consultant Ophthalmologist, UK NHS, on COVID-19 and women’s wellbeing.
Prof Susan Hirsch, Carter School for Peace and Conflict Resolution, George Mason University, on COVID and rule of law from a gender perspective.

women and COVID
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