Central European University / Közép-európai Egyetem


Gender Equality Officer
- Align gender equality objectives with long-term CEU equal opportunity objectives.
- Diagnose gender inequality at CEU using various methodologies in several fields including recruitment and promotion, leadership and decision making, research content and curricula, and in the field of gender stereotypes and sexual harassment.  
- Lead and coordinate the design, implementation and monitoring of CEU’s Gender Equality Plan. 
- Present recommendations for action to the university Senate and senior leadership.
- Lead CEU-level data collection and analysis in fields covered by SUPERA for diagnostic and monitoring purposes.
- Initiate and coordinate awareness-raising communication campaigns related to gender equality, in coordination with the Communications Office. 
- Communicate gender equality related progress to the CEU community and to external audiences.
- Create and maintain gender equality internal and external website platforms (SWAY, SharePoint). 
- Develop and coordinate training plans for different stakeholders at CEU on gender equality and gender mainstreaming.
- Set up a Gender Equality HUB and coordinate its activities.
- Coordinate and mainstream gender equality activities across all units within CEU. 
- Cooperates with: 
     o    SUPERA management and consortium. 
     o    CEU Senate Equal Opportunity Committee.
     o    CEU Central Administration, including CEU Equal Opportunity Officer
     o    CPS project management.
     o    Various other stakeholders within CEU (Unit Heads, Dean of Students Office, HRO, COMMS, Student Union, etc.)

The Senate Equal Opportunity Committee (EOC)
The Committee has key role in coordinating and monitoring activities falling under CEU Equal Opportunity policy. It:
- Consults or contributes to drafting of policies falling under CEU’s equal opportunity objectives.
- Contributes to monitoring, revision and amendments of the CEU Equal Opportunity Policy.
- Offers advice on other policies which may have an impact on equality and diversity.
- Coordinates activities related to publicizing this policy and communicating equal opportunity objectives to the CEU community.
- Makes suggestions to the Senate and University management and administration on ways to improve the University’s commitment to equality and diversity.
- Contributes to bringing the policy before the CEU’s legal advisors and before the Senate once every three years (in the final three months of each Senate mandate).
- Contributes to CEU’s bi-yearly Equal Opportunity Report.
- Produces a (yearly) report on its activities.

Equal Opportunity Officer
- defing short, medium and long run equal opportunity objectives for CEU in cooperation with the Senate Equal Opportunity Committee, the Gender Equality Officer and the Student Disability Officer
- diagnosing various occurrences of inequalities (other than gender inequality) and their sources at CEU.
- proposing and implementing recommendations and action plans to diminish or eliminate sources of discrimination to various units and the Senior Leadership Team
- developing and coordinating equality training plans for different groups at CEU
- designing and leading data collection and analysis for informed decision making and monitoring purposes about the status of protected groups (with no special focus on gender, but there is overlap)
- reviewing and proposing amendments to CEU policies from an equality perspective 
- maintaining CEU’s Equal Opportunity website and the CEU Parents in Vienna Facebook page
- acting as a contact person for the community regarding issues connected to equal opportunity.
- working as a SUPERA core team member. In that role they support the project throughout its lifetime with data collection, policy writing, awareness raising, designing and delivering training sessions and other various ways to implement the Gender Equality Plan


Gender Equality Plan
Following the results of the assessment on the status of Gender Equality at CEU, the SUPERA team designed the first CEU Gender Equality Plan (GEP), for a period of three academic years. The Gender Equality Plan, together with yearly Gender Equality Workplans, provides details on CEU’s objectives in 8 gender equality priority areas. The documents define objectives and actions, assign responsibilities and list necessary financial and human resources to improve Gender Equality at CEU.
Source: https://documents.ceu.edu/documents/o-2101

Work-Life Balance
Flexible working arrangements for academics: 
New policy on “Working from Home” to be implemented after COVID.

Childcare support:
- For students, maternity/paternity leave and financial support per child.
- CEU Student Pregnancy and Parent Policy (the entire policy addresses the impact of pregnancy and parenthood on student’s study paths) 

Mobbing, sexual harassment
CEU Policy on Harassment (amended October 2020).

Integration of gender into research and teaching and Gender Studies / Programme
Gender Studies Department with 5 programs (4 MA, 1 PhD)

Career progression
Policy draft on Gender Balance in Faculty hiring in the making