Gdańsk University of Technology / Politechnika Gdańska


Rector’s Proxy for Equal Treatment
- Monitoring, analysing, consulting, and providing advice with regard to equal treatment issues.

Spokesperson for Academic Rights and Values
- Carrying out mediation and solving conflicts between members of the academic community
- Upholding the public image of the University
Legal basis: Statute of Gdańsk University of Technology (Resolution of the Senate of Gdańsk University of Technology No. 291/2019/XXIV of 29 April 2019) §51-§54
Source:, § 51-54 


Gender Equality Plan
On June 21, 2021, a Team was appointed to develop the Gender Equality Plan. It is going to meet certain criteria defined by the European Commission.
Source: Response to a request for public information dated 2.09.2021

Work-Life balance
Flexible working arrangements, childcare support:
The goal is to promote solutions supporting young mothers in science by a representative of the Gdańsk University of Technology. 
Council of Young Scientists as an advisory team of the Minister of Science and Higher Education.
Renovations are underway to open a preschool for children of employees, postdocs and students.
Before the pandemic, the university organized camps for children of polytechnic employees.
            Response to a request for public information dated 2.09.2021

Decisionmaking and leadership
Of the 8 departments, 4 are led by female deans
Source: Response to a request for public information dated 2.09.2021

Career progression
Anti-discrimination and equal opportunity policies:
- Prevention of discrimination in employment, including gender discrimination, as an obligation of the employer;
- Mobbing and discrimination as an egregious breach of the basic duties of an employee which may cause immediate termination of employment.
Legal basis: GUT Rector’s Decree No. 9/2015 of 17 March 2015 on adopting work regulations at the Gdańsk University of Technology 

Mobbing, Sexual harassment
Internal anti-mobbing procedure.
Legal basis: GUT Rector’s Decree No. 23/2015 of 11 September 2015 regulating the internal anti-mobbing procedure.

Participation in the “Dziewczyny na Politechniki” campaign
Organisation of an open seminar at the Women of Success day
Organizing the Women in Tech Summit 2018
Organisation of workshops for women - professional development.


Renewal phase

Utilization of HR Excellence in Research to enhance gender equality
Activities promoting women at every career level are mentioned in the HR strategy of the GUT.
Legal basis: Decree of the Rector of Gdańsk University of Technology No. 29/2019 of 28 August 2019 on introducing the GUT HR4R Strategy for the period 2019–2022