SGH Warsaw School of Economics / Szkoła Główna Handlowa w Warszawie


Rector's Commission for the Gender Equality Plan at the SGH Warsaw School of Economics
- Developing a gender equality plan.
Legal basis: DECISION No. 58 of the Rector of 2 July 2021.

Rector's Representative for Equal Treatment
- Initiating activities for equal treatment of all members of the SGH Warsaw School of Economics;
- Undertaking activities to disseminate knowledge on the principles of equal treatment;
- Supporting equal treatment initiatives through cooperation with business and institutional partners;
- Supporting pro-entrepreneurial initiatives of SGH, which promote and implement the principles of equal treatment.
Legal basis: RECTOR'S DECISION No. 88 of 11 September 2020.

SGH Ethics Officer
- Disseminating the Code of Ethics and supporting employees in implementing the provisions of the Code;
- Counteracting unethical actions and violations of the Code;
- Investigating reports of violations of the Code;
- Monitoring the implementation of the Code;
- Proposing updates to the Code.
Legal basis: Resolution No. 42 of the SGH Senate of 25 November 2020 on detailed principles and procedures of the Warsaw School of Economics Ethics Ombudsman
Source: Ombudsman.aspx

SGH Ethics Committee
- Implementing the provisions of the Code of Ethics;
- Disseminating the Code's good practices at the University;
- Issuing ethical opinions at the request of the Ethics Officer or the Rector;
- Taking a position on various ethical matters on the very Ethics Committee own initiative;
- Assessing prepared/implemented projects in terms of their;
compliance with ethical principles (at the request of an employee);
- Monitoring the dissemination and implementation of the Code;
- Submitting proposals for updating the Code.
Legal basis: RECTOR'S DECISION No. 51 of July 12, 2021 on the principles of appointment, operation and tasks of the Ethics Committee at the SGH Warsaw School of Economics
Source: pages/komisja.aspx

Gender Equality Plan
Implementation is expected between 2021 and 2022. It will include, i. a., provisions for equality between women and men in employment, raising awareness of gender equality, and integration of gender perspective (including gender equality) in scientific research.
Legal basis: Rector's decision no. 58 of 2 July 2021


Utilization of HR Excellence in Research to enhance gender equality
- Appointment of the proxy for equal rights, responsible for identifying discrimination issues, supporting persons who experience them and supporting authorities in the scope of implementing solutions at a systemic level;
- Inclusion in the University's Statute of regulations concerning parity in the composition of committees and other University bodies;
- Development of best practices, taking into account gender balance (and other parties) in commissions and other academic bodies.