University of Warsaw / Uniwersytet Warszawski


Academic Ombudsman


- Promoting high ethical standards and innovative methods of conflict resolution in the academic environment;

- Providing assistance in the resolution of conflicts and reducing their negative effects (the ordinance also mentions presenting information about juridical rules of the University, promoting mediation and alternative methods of conflict solving (by e.g. workshops or conferences);

- Supporting individuals and organizational units in resolving problems arising in connection with the operation of the University;

- Gathering and disseminating information regarding University regulations and general rules of operation;

- Identifying sources of problems which hinder proper functioning of the University;

- Briefing and advising the Rector with regard to necessary changes aimed at improving the operation of the University.

The Academic Ombudsman deals with problems of interpersonal relations and conflicts, employee concerns (including mobbing and discrimination), student concerns (e.g. mistreatment), violations of academic regulations or rules (e.g. sexual harassment, discriminatory treatment), abuse of academic honesty.




Rector’s Committee for Preventing Discrimination


- Prevention of discrimination on any legally protected grounds and respecting the principle of equal treatment on the premises of the University;

- Monitoring of the situation regarding equal treatment, especially with regard to gender, age, race, religion, disability or sexual orientation;

- Preparation of proposals and requests for the Rector concerning issues related to discrimination or unequal treatment;

- Providing informed help or advice for people experiencing discrimination or unequal treatment on any grounds at the University;

- Initiating investigations and requesting disciplinary action against people committing discrimination;

- Organizing anti-discrimination awareness campaigns.




Equal opportunity chief specialist


- Engaging in anti-discrimination, equal treatment and diversity policies at the University;

- Undertaking actions to fully respect and implement the principle of equal treatment;

- Preventing discrimination on any grounds;

- Promotion and dissemination of equal treatment issues, anti-discrimination standards and implementation of equality solutions.





Gender Equality Plan



Work-Life Balance

Flexible working arrangements:
- Flexibility in designing teaching and research schedule for academic staff as a work-life balance measure;
Possible reduction of mandatory teaching load in situations listed in the Law on Higher Education and in the UW Statute.

Childcare support:
- University nursery (Uniwersyteckie Maluchy) for children of employees and PhD students at the University
- Kindergarten Smyki ze Smyczkowej for children of workers of University of Warsaw.


Career progression

Anti-discrimination and equal opportunity policies:
- Counteracting discrimination in employment, in particular on the grounds of sex, developing and implementing anti-mobbing and anti-discrimination procedures (Staff Regulations, § 6);
- Providing information on anti-discrimination regulations required by the national law on equal treatment of women and men and the Labour Code (Staff Regulations, Annex 2);
- Discrimination of co-workers shall be regarded as dereliction of duty (Staff Regulations, §24.1.10).


Integration of gender into research and teaching and Gender Studies / Programme

Postgraduate Gender Studies


Mobbing, Sexual Harassment

Implementing anti-mobbing and anti-discrimination procedures (Staff Regulations, § 6).



Website: – an equality university website which provides information on discrimination (e.g. definition, types, procedures, how to get help/support), equality and anti-discrimination research carried out at the University, as well as information about current events dedicated to equality and diversity.

Equality training and workshops for researchers, academic and administrative staff.





Implementation/award renewal


Utilization of HR Excellence in Research to enhance gender equality

- Analysis of gender gaps at the University of Warsaw: collection of statistical data, questionnaire interviews, in-depth interviews;

- Development of Gender Equality Plans (by September 2019)

- Organizing two types of training on gender mainstreaming for faculty managers, administrative staff and students: training workshops for people involved in the prevention of discrimination and harassment at UW, and other people interested in the subject; mandatory onboarding for new employees (same as H&S) concerning discrimination and harassment and ways to counteract them/reporting them to the authorities at the University of Warsaw, along with the applicable laws;

- Preparing two types of publications on gender mainstreaming (updated annually) for employees and students: guide for staff and students on discrimination and harassment; Collection of good practices in the field of equality and diversity published on the UW website and also available in printed form.

- Appointment of the Equal Treatment and Non-Discrimination Coordinator responsible for planned research, creation of Gender Equality Plans, education and monitoring of gender issues.