Developments in GEinCEE CoP’s member organisations. Part 4: University of Lodz

In a series of posts we present the current developments in gender equality in the GEinCEE CoP’s member organisatons. Read a post written by Agata Rudnicka-Reichel and Patrycja Chudzicka-Dudzik from University of Lodz.

The University of Lodz is committed to promote and implement activities related to social responsibility and sustainable development which are now key concepts in organizing socio-economic life. As an important scientific, research and teaching centre, the UL wants to implement and demonstrate how socially responsible activities can become a strategic element of a higher education institution, resulting in improvement of its sustainable development. We understand social responsibility as taking responsibility for our own decisions and their impact on the society and the environment.

The UL is responsible for the quality of education of future professionals. We respond then to the needs of business practice by adapting our educational programs to the fast changing requirements of the labour market. We undertake scientific challenges of high social and economic value. The results of our research serve the society and support business development. As a responsible employer, we strive to provide good working conditions and create equal opportunities for professional development. We strengthen international cooperation and we are a partner for common projects with business, public and NGO sector in the region and the country. The University of Lodz aims at shaping responsible and ethical attitudes and behaviour of its employees. Our ambition is to create a socially responsible environment inside and outside the university by showing good practices and inspiring others.

One of our latest initiatives has been launching the anti-discrimination team which aims at developing mechanisms of action that allow students and employees to effectively respond to possible cases of discrimination at the university. The team’s long-range task is to design the equal opportunities policy at the University of Lodz by establishing a system for gathering information on any kinds of discrimination, developing an anti-discrimination training program and implementing procedures for responding to and reporting allegations of discrimination and other inappropriate behaviour. The process, which engages both teaching and administrative members of the academic community, is going to result also in designating the Rector’s plenipotentiary for equal treatment.

Our journey of being socially responsible has been lasting few years and we are still on the track of continuous improvement. As one of the first universities in Poland, we have implemented the Diversity Charter and the Declaration of Social Responsibility. We were also recognised with the HR Excellence in Research Award and have experts who deal with the social responsibility issues at the university. The UL participation in the GEinCEE CoP is a result of previous steps taken to manage our social responsibility and gender equality.