GEinCEE Community of Practice Event ‘Towards Inclusive Gender Equality Plans’

Gender equality in Higher Education and Research policy is given a growing attention as the data confirms persisting gender inequalities in science.

Online debate on „The role of diagnosis in shaping an equal university” with the participation of the GEinCEE CoP members

Why should we conduct research on discrimination and equal treatment in academia? What should we investigate further and by what methods? Can we design Gender Equality Plan without a proper diagnosis of situation at the institution and of employees’ needs?

Debating gender equality in Central and Eastern Europe: GEinCEE CoP at the Conference “Gender equality in CEE countries”

GEinCEE CoP members at the ESPAnet Seminar on Gender Equality Polices in Research and Academia

On 3 September 2020 we had a seminar on GE Policies in Research and Academia organised by the ACT Consortium team from Jagiellonian University (Marta Warat, Ewa Krzaklewska, Paulina Sekuła).

21-23.11.2019 International Conference “Gender Studies and Research in 2019: Centenary Achievements and Perspectives"

The Gender Studies Centre at the Faculty of Communication of Vilnius University is organizing an international conference to commemorate the 100 years anniversary of women’s right to vote in Lithuania and many other countries.