Developments in GEinCEE CoP's Member Organisations. Part 9: The Pedagogical University of Krakow

In a series of posts we present the current developments in gender equality in the GEinCEE CoP’s member organisatons. Read a post written by Magdalena Stoch from the Pedagogical University of Krakow.



The Pedagogical University was established in 1946. According to the ranking conducted by the monthly "Perspektywy", it is consistently ranked first among pedagogical universities in Poland.


In 2019, the position of Rector's Plenipotentiary for Equal Treatment and the Rector's Committee for Equal Treatment. Students also benefit from the support of the Office for People with Disabilities and Peer Support Center. These units work closely with each other, thanks to which a systemic change is possible.


In 2019, an internal anti-discrimination procedure was developed and implemented. Its development was possible thanks to many years of cooperation with the community of non-governmental organizations specializing in the protection of the rights of women, people with disabilities, and migrants. The procedure uses an intersectional perspective, emphasizing the multidimensionality of the identity of people experiencing discrimination.


Constant cooperation with non-governmental organizations and the Commissioner for Human Rights translates into the University's participation in international and national social campaigns, such as Campaign 16 Days of Action Against Gender Violence, Consent Week, Amnesty International's Human Rights Letter Writing Marathon. We place particular emphasis on promoting the idea of consent in the academic community.



Rector's Plenipotentiary for Equal Treatment is responsible for:

1. Initiating, promoting and conducting activities for equal treatment, addressed to the entire University community.

2. Supporting the student community, the management and administration of the University in implementing anti-discrimination procedures and responding to cases of discrimination.

3. Expressing opinions in disciplinary proceedings regarding violations in the area of equal treatment, at the request of the Rector or Disciplinary Officer.

4. Giving opinions on the University's strategic documents for equal treatment and counteracting discriminatory practices.

5. Representing the University at conferences, seminars and other events on the subject of equal treatment and anti-discrimination.

6. Cooperation with national and international organizations working for equal treatment, monitoring and evaluation of anti-discrimination activities conducted at the University.


In 2020, the Pedagogical University of Krakow joined the GEinCEE CoP. In February 2021, we started the GEAM survey. The results will be released in March 2021.


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