Gender studies and activism – conference in Vilnius

In November, Lithuanian members of our community co-organised a very interesting international conference entitled Gender studies and activism 2022: (Re-/de-/-?) institutionalization in changing realities.

A number of gender scholars and experts gathered at the Vilnius University (on site and remotely) to discuss the perspectives of gender related issues. Three plenary sessions were devoted to gender studies in Lithuania (Dalia Leinartė, Vytautas Magnus University: Gender studies in Lithuania: An overview from time and distance), intersectionality (Victoria Showunmi, University College London: Gender, race, and intersectionality), and changing masculinity (Anna-Maija Lamsa, Jyväskylä University and Vilnius University: Masculinity in flux: Father managers (un)doing traditional masculinity).

During the parallel sessions, we were also able to hear presentations from members of our Community of Practice:

Virginija Šidlauskienė, Laima Liukinevičienė – Šiauliai Academy, Vilnius University, Lithuania: Deinstitutionalisation of the Gender Studies Centre in the process of universities network optimisation: The case of Šiauliai University

Paulina Sekuła, Ewelina Ciaputa, Marta Warat, Ewa Krzaklewska – Jagiellonian University, Poland; Sarah Beranek, Sybille Reidl  – Joanneum Research Forschungsges GmbH, Austria): Communities of practice and gender equality: Fostering structural change in research and academia in Central and Eastern Europe

Magdalena Stoch – Pedagogical University of Krakow, Poland: Teaching gender and queer atudies at Polish universities: Challenges, limitations, perspectives

Lijana Stundžė, Aurelija Novelskaitė – Vilnius University, Lithuania: Gender studies in Vilnius University: Students‘ involvement

Raminta Pučėtaitė, Aurelija Novelskaitė – Vilnius University, Lithuania: Interrelation between ‘open science’ and ‘gender equality’ concepts: Insights from OPUS project

Natalija Mažeikienė – Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania; Aurelija Novelskaitė – Vilnius University, Lithuania: Gender mainstreaming in research and innovation: The SPEAR project case

Congratulations to the organisers!