Towards More Equal, Diverse, and Inclusive Research. GEinCEE CoP Policy Brief

We are happy to announce that we have developed a policy brief Towards More Equal, Diverse and Inclusive Research. This document is a short fundamental outcome of the activities taken by the GEinCEE CoP and presents the conclusions adopted on the basis of the Gender Equality Auditing and Monitoring (GEAM) survey provided in 12 member organisations. Policymakers, research funders, leaders, and individuals may find information here about the major biases and issues identified regarding career advancement, work-life balance, decision-making process, mobbing, and sexual harassment. A set of specific solutions in the areas of equality, inclusion, awareness, diversity, and supporting activities with a list of related actions is recommended. They give very practical methods and measures that can be applied step by step in a given organisation. Considering the lessons learned, the benefits that can be gained by implementing gender equality measures are described, too.

The GEAM tool is a convenient and ready-to-use instrument for conducting gender equality status quo assessment and for monitoring the effects of implemented gender equality plans in higher education institutions and research organisations. Our aim is to conduct regularly the GEAM survey in GEinCEE CoP member organisations.